Stretch Your Budget with Self-Mailers

Stretch Your Budget with Self-Mailers

Companies can save substantial amounts of money by eliminating the need for envelopes. The possibility of creating a self-mailer should be considered with any direct mail piece. 

A self-mailer is simply a piece of mail that doesn't require an envelope. All of the necessary mailing information is located on one of the outside panels. 

Because self-mailers do not require envelopes, you must be more creative when designing the format, since you don't have the luxury of an envelope to contain any extra sheets of printed material. 

Here are some things to consider when designing a self-mailer:

  • Will the delivery address be printed directly on the self-mailer, or will self-adhesive labels be used? 
  • The amount of written material in the self-mailer will determine the overall size of the mailer. 
  • Information needs to flow quickly and smoothly from the initial pitch to the fine print. The fewer words needed to convey your message, the better. 
  • The type of closure needs to assure safe passage through the mail. Staples are used often, but many people find them unappealing. Miniature self-adhesives are available in many colors, shapes, and sizes. 
  • If perforated sections are used, keep them in mind so that nothing can slip loose while being passed through the mail.