Mailing and Databases

Mailing and Databases

Whether you need to purchase a list, remove duplicates from your current database, or send out direct mail (first-class, standard or non-profit), we can help you manage all the pieces to make your mailing project a success.

When your printed piece is being mailed, Edison Press’ in-house mailing department can ensure that it is mailed in a timely and cost-efficient way. The U.S. Postal Service regulations can be a challenge to navigate, but our knowledgeable mailing staff stays up-to-date on all USPS regulations. We will work on your behalf to get your piece designed, printed for mailing and out the door — on time and on budget.

  • List Preparation & Addressing Services
  • Postage Discount Sortation
  • List Purchasing
  • Every Door Direct USPS
  • Merge and De-dupe Services

Every Door Direct Mail—Direct Marketing Made Easy!

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a simple service offered by the United States Postal Service that offers several advantages including making it easier for businesses to target specific geographical markets at a substantial cost savings. Postage rates are as low as 16.7¢ per piece – and you don’t even need to know names or street addresses. EDDM is perfect for promoting sales and events, announcing grand openings, sending coupons, menus, calendars, special offers and more!

  • Low cost — no postage permit required.
  • Geographically targeted — target an entire city, specific neighborhoods or particular zip codes.
  • No need to purchase or compile a mailing list.
  • Flexible range of mailing piece sizes.
  • Want to learn more about EDDM? Contact us at 207.324.5410

Get Your Own Mailer ID

Intelligent Mail Mailer ID Application

Mailing Glossary


Certification Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) improves delivery of your mail piece and maximizes postage savings by adding Zip+4 codes to your mailing list where possible. The CASS Certification process also helps determine certain address problems and standardizes addresses to Postal Service formatting. The correct Zip+4 allows us to apply postal barcodes to your mail pieces, qualifying your mail for Mail Class discounts.


The standard ZIP Code is a system of 5 digit codes that identify the individual post office or area delivery station associated with the address. The additional 4 digits identify a specific range of delivery addresses.


Barcodes are small vertical lines printed on the piece to be mailed. Much like a grocery scanner, barcodes represent the numbers that make up the address and Zip+4 codes. These codes make it possible for the mail processing equipment to quickly process these pieces, lowering mail-processing and delivery costs. The savings are passed on to consumers through lower postage rates.

Clear Space

Area in lower right of a mailing piece where the address and barcode is printed. This area must be blank or with less than 10% ink density, to ensure machine readability and therefore be eligible for your desired mail service class.

Ancillary Service Endorsements (such as Service Requests)

These are usually imprinted directions on a mail piece to tell the Post Office what to do with the piece if it becomes undeliverable, such as: Change Service Requested, Forwarding Service Requested, Return Service Requested and Address Service Requested. These are normally required on a First Class Presorted pieces.

NCOA (National Change of Address)

Over 40 million Americans change their address every year. The National Change of Address (NCOA) system uses the USPS database to check for people and businesses that have filed a change of address with the USPS within the last 48 months. Performing this update on a list saves you money on printing and postage by updating your list. Studies have shown that this service can save users a significant cost of their mailings (in many cases up to 15% or more) plus help increase response rates. NOTE: The post office does not forward standard rate mail to the new address – they just recycle it.